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How old are your brakes?

If your car is more than 4 years old, you have an 84% chance that your brakes will fail.*

At Super Tune & Brake we offer Life Time Brakes with an unlimited mileage guaranteed.


• Install premium quality pads & shoes • Replace rotors and drums to ensure noise-free operations and eliminate vibrations • Clean and repack front wheel bearings, if necessary • Add hydraulic fluid • Road test vehicle

Raybestos galvanized brake pads are the World’s quietest and guarded for as long as you own your car. Is it any wonder we can offer the best warranty in the business?

Ask for a FREE brake inspection, Walk-ins Welcome or Book Online at

*Fail - fail the Manitoba Safety Standards Examination as established in the Highway Traffic Act regulations and is based on the average vehicle traveling 20,000 km per year in stop and go traffic.

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