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Back to School – Will Your Brakes Pass the Test? Find Out with a Free Brake Inspection Today.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

children walking to school with a school zone sign nearby

While you may not be headed to class, wherever you are going, remember that designated school zones are now in effect from September through June.

As we head into the school year and the weather begins to change, it's crucial that your vehicle's brakes are properly maintained and able to perform at the highest level. The city's message to motorists is to be watchful and prepared to stop suddenly.

Super Lube supports safe driving in school zones, and to do our part we are offering free brake inspections this fall!

What are School Zones?

School zones are designated areas where children may be walking along or crossing a roadway. Motorists should be aware that some school zones may not be in direct sight of the school itself, but they will be clearly marked with advance warning signs indicating when you are entering and exiting a designated area. School zones located along high-traffic streets may also have safety patrols, easily recognized by their high-visibility vests and flags.

What are the Rules for Driving in a Designated School Zone?

  • School zones are in effect every weekday, September through June, from 7:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.

  • Motorists must reduce speed to 30km/h.

  • Outside of Winnipeg, if the signs do not specify a time frame when the speed limit is in effect, then the reduced maximum speed is in effect at all times.

  • Passing other moving vehicles is illegal in these zones.

children walking to school

What Happens if You Are Caught Speeding in a School Zone?

Drivers caught speeding in a school zone could face a fine of at least $200 and move down two levels on the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) scale.

How do I know if my Brakes Need Maintenance?

car brake inspection by mechanic

You should have your brakes assessed at least once every year. For many vehicles, inspections are recommended every six months. School zone season is an excellent reason to ensure your brakes are in tip-top shape, and the timing is perfect in preparation for winter driving conditions.

Did you know that owner neglect is the number one cause of brake failure?

A recent brake-safety study evaluated 2000 Canadian vehicles on the road. Shockingly, 15.4% were immediately placed “out of service” to address brake-related issues.

The two most common signs of brake failure are squealing or grinding sounds and an unresponsive or “spongy” brake pedal. You can click here to learn about the top signs your brakes may be failing.

Book Your Free Brake Inspection Today

This month, book your free brake inspection and help keep our school zones safe!

If you have already had your brake inspection and need to have your brakes replaced, check out our amazing Lifetime Brakes - installed in 1 hour and covered by our incredible Lifetime Guarantee!

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