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A Free Brake Inspection Could Save You More than Money.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

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Brake failures account for 5% of all motor vehicle accidents in the US, translating to roughly 300,000 brake-related car crashes annually.

Catastrophic, complete brake failures, like the ones portrayed in movies, are increasingly rare, primarily due to the many fail-safe mechanisms and dual brake designs in modern vehicles. So where is the danger for today's driver?

Partial brake failure is the most likely cause behind the vast majority of brake-related accidents. In this scenario, parts of the system experience failure, resulting in a sudden loss of braking responsiveness. Any increase in the time it takes to slow down or come to a full stop can result in a catastrophic incident.

How common is Brake Failure?

In a coordinated, seven-day Brake Safety campaign conducted by officials from Canada, the US, and Mexico in 2021, inspectors evaluated 35,000 vehicles, immediately placing 12% of these cars "out of service" due to a critical brake-related issue. Out of the nearly 2000 vehicles inspected by Canadian officials, 15.4% were immediately taken off the road to have a brake issue addressed.

"Properly functioning brakes may mean the difference between a catastrophic collision or the ability to avoid a crash." CVSA President John Broers relays.

Do you know the number one cause of brake failure? The answer may surprise you.

What are the top causes of Brake Failure?

The most common cause of brake failure is owner neglect.

Routine brake maintenance is a crucial part of driver safety. If circumstances demand it, each of us needs to know we can trust our brakes to stop our car on command in the shortest time possible.

The only way to trust your brakes is to be proactive and have an ongoing awareness of their condition. Your brakes experience tremendous daily wear and tear. Each individual part has a limited lifespan, making it critical that you get your entire brake system inspected at least once a year. Depending on your driving habits, you may need to have your brakes assessed more frequently.

brake inspection of rotors, pads and drum

From a technical standpoint, the most common causes of brake failure include; loss of brake fluid due to line leaks, bad brake cylinders, oil-contaminated brakes, misadjusted brake linings, sticky calipers, overheated or damaged brake pads, and worn-down discs or drums. This is by no means a definitive list.

What are the signs of Brake Failure?

One of the most frequent questions people ask us is,

"If my brakes are squeaking, will I need new ones?"

The answer? It depends. Squeaking is a typical sign of wear and tear on your brakes. Squeaking results from friction between metal parts or some other foreign material. Only an inspection can discover if squeaking is the result of a simple problem, like moisture on the brake pads or rotors, or if it is indicative of a more significant brake system issue requiring a complete overhaul.

Aside from squeaking, other common signs of partial brake failure include grinding noises, loss of brake pedal pressure, or "pulsation" of the pedal while actively braking. If your ABS (anti-lock brake) light pops up on your dash or in your vehicle's alert system, be sure not to delay bringing your car into a shop near you.

car touch screen warning system

What is the cost of New Brakes?

We know how important it is to keep you and your family safe. It's why our brake inspections are always free, with no obligation. The human cost of a brake failure is not a price we want anyone to pay.

It's difficult to give an average brake repair and replacement cost because the term "new brakes" references a complex system involving many mechanisms and parts. Is there wear and tear on just one side of the vehicle? Possibly only a single wheel? Is it just a brake pad issue, or are the rotors shot too? Or has an entire system, like your anti-lock brakes, crashed?

A brake repair cost can stretch from a hundred dollars to thousands. This broad range is another reason why we inspect your brakes for free, so we can give you a personal quote on exactly what you need to address - nothing less and nothing more.

Now that you know Super Lube offers Free Brake Inspections, Find a Location Near You!

find a super lube location near you

Peace of mind really can be free. Find one of our Winnipeg locations near you, and get your brakes inspected today by calling in or booking online.

The inspection usually takes us about 40 minutes. If your brakes require full replacement, we will quote you to install our exclusive Lifetime Brakes. Lifetime Brakes means we will guarantee your brakes for as long as you own the vehicle.

Need more information? Check out this recent blog on our exclusive Lifetime guarantee.

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