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A Special January Offer Just For You: Receive a Free "Block Heater" with Your Winnipeg Winter Oil Change

Receive a Super Lube toque for free with your Winnipeg Winter Oil change in the month of January.

Happy New Year! 

2024 is off to a running start; we hope you and your car are, too, especially with temperatures starting to drop. It looks like Mother Nature finally realized it's supposed to be winter. As we get our first taste of -30 later this week, we want to help you (and your car) prepare for the chilly weeks ahead with a special offer!

Receive A Free Block Heater - For Your Head - with Your Oil Change This Month.

Obviously, your car already has an engine block heater, but just in case you need one for your head, we are throwing in a cozy Super Lube toque for free with your Winnipeg Winter Oil Change in January.

What is a Block Heater?

We all understand the importance of keeping your head warm in winter weather. Your vehicle is much the same! The engine block heater is the device that warms up the engine and its fluids before starting your car in cold temperatures - ensuring your car starts, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear on your engine. Plugging in your block heater on cold days is essential for the health of your vehicle. 

Do you know when to plug in your car and for how long? We've got you covered; take a quick peek at our article When Do I Plug In My Car? The Surprising Answer for Best Practices.

What is Winnipeg Winter Oil?

Super Lube has formulated its Winnipeg Winter Synthetic Blend Oil to offer premium performance in the worst conditions. While a block heater plays a crucial role in cold weather start-up, having the proper seasonal oil is essential if you want your car to run reliably. In a recent post, we've summarized the different oil options and outlined why Winter Oil is necessary - check it out for more information!

Visit us this month, and we'll help you and your car stay warm! No appointment necessary!

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