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A record-breaking month of generosity by Manitobans has helped Super Lube’s Pink Caps For Cancer Campaign exceed the six-figure mark in just seven short years.

Since 2017, Super Lube has partnered with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to support screening programs in the province during breast cancer awareness month.

“Cancer screening is for people who have no signs or symptoms. It can prevent some cancers by finding and treating changes before they develop into cancer and can help find cancers early when treatments may work better. Cancer screening saves lives!” – CancerCare MB Foundation.

Each year, for every donation of $5 or more, customers receive pink tire caps and other pink accessories.

To reach their goal of $100,000 raised since the campaign's inception, Super Lube knew they would need an extraordinary month of giving. And that's just what happened this October, with donations surpassing all previous years to the tune of $26, 685!

The Pink Caps For Cancer Campaign has now raised an astounding $113, 860 since 2017, with 100% of the funds raised going directly to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

Pink Caps $26, 685 check presentation from Super Lube to CancerCare Manitoba

Super Lube President, Jonnie Hendrickson expressed her gratitude to Super Lube customers for their overwhelming response.

“Thank you to our generous customers and local businesses who were vital in helping us reach and surpass our goal. Joe Aiello from 92 Citi FM, who co-owns Frankies Italian Restaurant, personally shared the importance of screening programs with our staff at our annual staff convention. His words and donation made a tremendous impact. We entrust GFL with the critical work of recycling our used oil. This October, their generosity was critical to the success of Pink Caps. For us, Pink Caps is an opportunity to breathe life into our community by raising awareness and funds to support our family, friends, and fellow Manitobans in the fight against cancer."

This winter, be on the lookout for vehicles - and drivers - with pink caps! When you see a pink cap, take the opportunity to explore CancerCare Manitoba's screening recommendations and remind a loved one to do the same. It could be the greatest gift you give to someone you love this Christmas season.

Thank you text with image of hands holding pink tire caps


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