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Pink Caps For Cancer Campaign Set to Reach 100K With Your Help This Month

woman putting pink tire caps on car

In the 40 years since Jim Brousseau opened his first Super Lube location on Pembina Highway in 1983, his company has grown to encompass five locations, with one more on the way and 115 Super Team members who service thousands of vehicles yearly.

Super Lube’s most outstanding achievement, though, is one that transcends timing belts, lug nuts, and oil changes.

Super Lube has dedicated itself to breathing life back into the community by supporting or starting local causes that have changed the lives of countless Manitobans. One such cause is their Pink Caps for Cancer Campaign.

Pink Caps For Cancer Campaign

Pink Caps  aims to raise 100K this October

Since 2017, Super Lube has partnered with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (CCMF) each October during breast cancer awareness month to support crucial cancer screening programs.

In the six years since its inception, the program has raised $87,175 in donations and is on pace to break the $100,000 mark this October.

The best part is that 100% of the funds raised each year go directly to CCMF to support screening programs in Manitoba.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Canadian women. The good news is that because of our combined efforts to raise money and promote screening, the number of deaths from this diagnosis has dropped by nearly 50% since it peaked in 1986.

What is Cancer Screening?

“Cancer screening is for people who have no signs or symptoms. It can prevent some cancers by finding and treating changes before they develop into cancer and can help find cancers early when treatments may work better. Cancer screening saves lives!” - CancerCare MB Foundation. Follow this link to their website for more resources on cancer screening programs and cancer prevention.

How Does the Fundraiser Work? And What are Pink Caps?!

During the month of October, for a $5 donation, Super Lube customers receive pink tire caps and a complimentary certificate for their Winter Tire installation at Super Tire Express. More significant contributions result in more pink driving accessories, such as pink toques and pink roadside safety kits. This way, Super Lube customers and their cars can look good in pink and make a statement at each stop light.

Pink Caps for Cancer fundraising details

Super Lube’s President, Jonnie Hendrickson, is excited to continue what her Grandfather, Jim, started in 2017:

“As a locally owned business, we have relationships with our customers and deep roots in our community. As we help maintain your car, it’s also our privilege to get involved in a meaningful way. Putting A Cap on Breast Cancer means using our resources and relationships to help Cap the effects of a disease that, if caught early, can often be successfully treated. Every Pink Tire Cap you see on the road is a billboard to help catch cancer early, and every dollar donated breathes life back into our community. We want to continue to support our family, friends, and fellow Manitobans.”

Super Lube invites you to join them again this October and help Put A Cap on Breast Cancer.

Who are your pink caps for?


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