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Our Beloved Lube Queen

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

On August 29, 2023 we lost Our Beloved "Lube Queen" Heather. After three decades with her it is impossible to put into words what she meant to Super Lube because she was the foundation of our company.

Heather managed our Portage Ave location from the very beginning, over 35 years ago, and built it into one of the most productive fast oil changes in North America, If you lived in Manitoba and owned a car, chances are you had met her, and she knew you by your first name.

The staff she had hired throughout the years became her family, and whether you worked there for one week or 20 years, she considered you one of her own. Some of her lifelong staff are still with us today, including Joey, Dallas, John, Doug, and Wilfred.

Her customers were no different; she loved seeing every last one. Their 10-minute oil changes quickly turned into 30-minute catch-ups. As time went by, some just came to chat. They knew Heather would always be there to listen.

Heather and our owner, Jim, became great friends over the years and would talk daily, whether over the phone or with a cup of coffee in her office. She always looked forward to letting him know they had another great day and how she owed it all to burning her lucky green candles. (We all knew it wasn't the candle; Heather was why we were so successful).

Being part of Super Lube meant the absolute world to her. Her family came to know her shop as her Home. When you wanted to visit her, you knew that's where she would be. That's how she became known as "Grandma Super Lube" to many generations of family members.

The endless stories and memories of Heather will be cherished forever. She had a unique way of making you feel like you were the most important person to her, and she never missed an opportunity to tell you just that.

I'm not sure how our little company got so lucky to have Heather for as long as we did, but we will never stop being grateful for what she has done for us. We owe so much of our success to you, Heather. You will be dearly missed by all.

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