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How Our "Premium Full Service" Can Save Your Car's Life

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Happy family driving their car with text, "Because I love my car"

You love your vehicle, right? At your next oil change, Show it by asking for our Premium Full Service!

Premium Full Service is an additional service we offer during our World’s Best 10-Minute Oil Change. If you give us the green light, for $3.99, in addition to changing your oil we will top up all the available “under the hood” fluids. This includes:

  • Windshield washer fluid

  • Coolant

  • Power steering fluid

  • Transmission fluid

Premium Full Service also entitles you to 3 FREE Top Ups between services!

This means, from the day of your initial oil change and top up, until the date of your next recommended service - typically after 5000km for most vehicles unless otherwise specified - you can stop in any time for a refill. So, if you’re out of windshield washer fluid and you happen to be driving by one of our 5 Winnipeg locations, don’t wait until your next oil change, simply stop in to say hi and let us top you up!

Premium Full Service includes Greasing the Fittings Under your Car

Why is this important? Take your steering and suspension systems for example. During the operation of your vehicle, your steering and suspension systems are subject to tremendous wear and tear as they are constantly in motion and under enormous pressure. Consistent, proactive, and timely lubrication of ball joints, tie rods, and sway bars, just to name a few, helps maintain the integrity of these crucial fittings, extending the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

Why You Shouldn't Grease Fittings Yourself

Greasing these areas effectively is also one of the key practices that keeps water out of places it shouldn't be. This happens to be one of those tasks that sounds simple but involves a high level of experience and expertise. Fittings have sealed rubber boots protecting the joints. If this lubricating isn’t done carefully, it can damage the rubber seals leading to premature erosion or disintegration of important joints.

This is why it's so important to find someone who loves your car as much as you do.

Next time you drop in for our World's Best 10-minute Oil Change, ask for our Premium Full Service. For a couple of bucks, let us love your car so you can drive it for miles and miles.

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