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The Price of Procrastination: How Skipping Your Oil Change Could Cost You 50 Times More

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If you're anything like me, you probably know someone who is a huge procrastinator. Well, this article is for your friend. Right.

In a recent survey of 1200 drivers, 91% admitted they have knowingly put off a vital car care task, often for weeks. There must be a good reason why so many of us push the snooze button when it comes to recommended or scheduled vehicle maintenance.

What are the top reasons drivers are procrastinating?

The same survey revealed four leading responses which I'm sure you can relate to.

  • Time: We get it, life is busy, busy, busy!

  • Money: Sometimes its hard to fit preventative costs into a monthly budget that's already busting at the seams.

  • Lack of Urgency: The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting performance. Yet.

  • Anxiety or Distrust of Mechanics: It's been an unfortunate reality in the auto repair industry. Some other mechanic or company has fleeced you in the past, and now you're supposed to trust someone you don't know telling you about something that's not your area of expertise?

Whatever your reasonable reason, we believe it's essential for you to know the potential cost of waiting too long so you can prioritize maintenance tasks ahead of time in a way that works for your lifestyle, time, and budget!

Let's take oil changes for an example.

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes.

30% of drivers admit to waiting over a month past their recommended date for a scheduled oil change. A single late trip to the lube shop might not hurt you. But multiple misses over several years? That type of procrastination has a price tag.

Did you know delaying an oil change can be 50 times more expensive in the long run?

Delaying an oil change risks damaging engine parts, and that's when procrastination gets pricey! Over time, oil breaks down due to heat, friction, and impurities. Degraded or “dirty” oil does not perform several primary functions.

Operating your vehicle with "dirty" oil can lead to several significant issues.

mechanic changing a vehicle's oil

Reduced Sealing & Lubrication

Fresh oil lubricates (and seals) critical engine components, reducing friction and wear, extending engine lifespan, and ensuring smooth operation. Degraded oil doesn’t lubricate engine parts properly, propelling you toward engine breakdown and eventual failure.


Healthy oil absorbs a substantial amount of the heat generated by the engine during operation. Regular changes prevent oil from breaking down due to excessive heat, maintaining its effectiveness and ability to cool critical engine components.

Engine Clogging

Oil that has broken down begins to thicken, burn up, and become bogged down by excess contaminants such as dirt, debris, and even metal particles. These can wreak havoc on your engine from the inside, causing damage that is hard to measure until something catastrophic happens.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Clean oil allows the engine to operate efficiently, improving fuel mileage. Dirty oil can lead to decreased fuel economy, forcing your engine to work harder mile after mile, day after day. When coupled with harsh environmental factors, this increased demand can have a devastating effect over time.

Remember the four top reasons drivers procrastinate?

Here is Super Lube's formula for defeating procrastination.

Super lube garage, with The World's Best 10 Minute oil change sign

  • Time: You only need to find a few minutes in your day, and it can be a last second decision. Super Lube offers the World’s Best 10-minute Oil Change with no appointment needed!

  • Money: We always offer oil at a low price! To sweeten the deal we offer an additional $5 off on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, with other promotional giveaways throughout the year.

  • Lack of Urgency: Make the conscouis decision to catch the big problems, before they happen! Put your scheduled service times in your phone calendar, and work them into your budget ahead of time.

  • Do Mechanics give you anxiety?  Since 1983, our goal has been to Make Car Care Easy. We are family-operated and locally owned, serving Winnipeggers for 40 years. You can trust our Red Seal mechanics and technicians to treat your car as their own—just ask anyone who has visited one of our 6 locations!

If you are past your recommended time frame for an oil change and your engine startup (revving) sounds "noisy" or your car is running unusually loud, getting your oil checked immediately is a good idea. Better yet, next time your ticker or sticker says it's time, take 10 minutes to get a world-class oil change and keep your engine healthy and happy!

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