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All Great Road Trips Start With Super Auto Centres!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Staying close to home this summer doesn’t have to ruin your plans for a great get-away. A recent survey revealed that 80% of Canadians plan to travel throughout Canada this summer. For many, that will likely mean within our own province.

With a wealth of natural beauty, diverse landscapes and a wide variety of engaging outdoor summer activities for you and your family, Manitoba has more to offer than you think. A road trip might be just what you need! Why else would so many Hollywood classics start with one? Dumb and Dumber, Easy Rider, Road Trip, The Millers, Animal House, Mad Max, Thelma and Louise…

Okay so some of these probably aren’t trips you want to recreate – but you get the point.

Life is about so much more than the destination. Road trips free us from the monotony of the expected, launching us into a magical world of the unforeseen. Hitting the open road satisfies that age-old desire within each of us to explore, to discover and to chart our own course, if only for a weekend. Road trips are filled with wrong turns, spontaneous stops, gas station breakfasts and one too many coffee runs. All of this adventure culminates into the one thing we can expect along the way; the fateful roadside bathroom break, which isn’t a problem until the wind changes.

Super Auto Centres wants to help you kick off your summer with a great road trip here at home. While you pack and ponder your path, let us get your vehicle ready for the open road with our special Road Trip Report. For just $19.95 we have put together the ultimate 40-point pre-trip checklist for your trusty ride. We check every system, Including:

Road Trip Report 40pt safety inspection for 19.95 at Super Auto Centres Winnipeg

- Fluid Condition

- Cooling System

- Belts

- Fuel System

- Front Wheel Dr. Boots

- Suspension

- Electric Charging System

- Steering Linkage

- Brake System

- Nitro Conversion

- Tires

Book a Road Trip Report appointment with us anytime in the month of June and we’ll throw in a custom Cooler Bag to keep whatever you’re drinking icy cold for the moment you arrive wherever you’re going.

Free cooler bag when you book a road trip report checkup in June at Super Auto Centres

Our gift to you is peace of mind, so that the only thing you have to worry about as you flee the city is your backseat “navigator” knowing when to pipe down. They might fail you, but after visiting us, your vehicle won’t.

Speaking of destinations, here’s just a few Manitoba hot spots for you to consider as you start charting your adventure.

Fishing and Frolicking in the Whiteshell:

The Big Whiteshell region offers crystal clear water teeming with walleye, small mouth bass, northern pike and yellow perch, so get your rod ready for some serious Manitoba fishing. Need to cool off after working the reel for a few hours? Diving into these picturesque waters is the only thing better than pulling fish out. If fishing isn’t for you, the Big Whiteshell Hiking Trail offers a wonderful 1.6 km hike filled with spectacular views and wildlife. If you’re the bike shorts wearing kind of traveler, bring your mountain bike and enjoy the newly developed 9km Big-W Bike Trail!

Golfing in Pinawa

Pinawa is the site of Manitoba’s very first hydroelectric dam. That doesn’t get you charged up? The town also boasts a premier 18-hole championship golf course with stunning river and forest views. The Pinawa Golf & Country Club is also the only course in the province offering golf carts that guide your experience with GPS, revealing the important data you need for each hole. If someone in your family is more excited to drive the cart than to golf, no problem. While you take your 20 practice shots they can keep their eyes peeled for the 300 different species of birds that inhabit the natural surroundings! I considered recommending a walk across the infamous 650ft Pinawa suspension bridge, but I just discovered it was built by a team of volunteers…not sure I like the sound of that. (but seriously it’s beautiful, you should check that out too).

Camping in Birds Hill Provincial Park

Only 24km outside of Winnipeg, this provincial park showcases 8,300 acres of the Boreal Plains Ecozone. The park’s rolling hills, and deep ridges are all that remain of the glaciers that once covered the area. The beautiful aspen and oak parkland is home to wildlife like deer, waterfowl and songbirds. Choose from 476 sites spanning the entire park, offering basic, electrical or full service options. You will certainly find a place to pitch your tent and create a new home base for a few days. Paved paths allow for cycling, roller blading and hiking. There are two massive beaches, equestrian facilities offering pony rides, hayrides, and so much more.

One last thing before you go. To celebrate our switchover to Petro Canada’s premium oil this summer, any oil change starting June 7th will earn you a $10 Petro gas card, so you can keep a little extra money in your pocket for those coffee runs we talked about earlier.

Visit us before you hit the open road, So you can..

Drive for miles and miles and miles and miles..

Road trips for miles and miles - love Canada!



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