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Why Your Car Needs to Be Professionally Washed and Detailed This Winter

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Interior car detailing

The use of road salts during winter has been estimated to reduce collisions by up to 88%. That is an incredible improvement in road safety. But the effect that salt has on your car is far from good. Salt mixed with water (from melted snow) corrodes metal 5 times faster than moisture from "pure" precipitation or snow. For this reason, industry experts agree your vehicle needs to be washed about every 2 weeks during the winter season. The range of harsh temperatures and the combination of ice, muck, and those corrosive road salts make this a recommendation you shouldn’t ignore. Regularly washing your vehicle will help to wipe away salt deposits before they become problematic.


The road salt used to increase traction for winter driving is actually just a natural, unpurified form of simple table salt (sodium chloride). This coarse salt can become corrosive when it adheres to your vehicle, leading to oxidation – the process which creates rust. While it’s true that the materials, underbody protection and exterior paints we use on newer vehicles provides vastly superior protection than in years past, any spots or parts that have damaged or scratched paint, cracks, or worn surfaces are still particularly vulnerable to oxidation and rust.


A typical car wash is superficial, only removing the surface layer of dirt and film that you can see. You will miss salt deposits, and the longer those deposits sit on, under or even in your vehicle (tracked in by boots), the worse the outcome will be over time. Aside from the salt issue, here are some other things to consider before washing your own vehicle in winter.

Thermal Shock

In a coin-operated wash facility - because you are paying per minute - the tendency is to rush through the cleaning process. Washing your vehicle too quickly in winter can lead to thermal shock, when hot water contacts rubber or plastic parts of your vehicle that have been recently exposed to cold temperatures and ice. This effect can damage seals, surfaces and paint, especially any area that has previously been damaged or repainted. Thermal shock can also increase the size and severity of any existing chips and cracks in your windshield and other windows.

Sediment Drag

A hurried and imperfect prewash can leave dirt, salt sediments and even ice fragments on your vehicle. If your wash is going to include either a polyethylene brush or a closed-pore foam, or even if you are using a poor quality chamois, any remaining dirt or salt on the car body can lead to vicious scratches across your exterior.


Professional cleaning and detailing go so much deeper than a superficial wash. Detailing is restorative, returning your vehicle to a like-new state, extending it’s lifespan and preserving your vehicle’s bottom line value.

Professional washing and detailing will clean your car, inside and out, in a way that generic wand washes and home washes just cannot do. With specialized tools, products, training, and a focus on the smallest, hardest to reach areas of your vehicle, you can be sure that not even the most minute sediments and salts will remain on your exterior, and that the most stubborn stains will relent under professional treatments.

Professional detailers will also be able to identify trouble areas and alert you to them. Your vehicle will be easier to inspect when it has had a deep clean, detail and professional wash. Rust protection, improved lights and windshield clarity, and improved tire function are other safety considerations that result from this type of treatment. On your interior, professional detailing can finally eliminate that previously impossible to defeat odor in your car, improve air quality, and protect leather and fabric seats.

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