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Why You Need Winnipeg Winter Oil

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

girl driving her car after a Winnipeg Winter Oil change

With temperatures still well below freezing, it's important that you continue to use the right type of oil to ensure your vehicle starts and runs reliably.

Did you know that cold temperatures cause oil to thicken and slow down? This can create a whole host of problems for you and your vehicle.

Oil flows throughout the entire engine and performs several essential functions including lubricating, cushioning, and cleaning your engine. Motor oil needs to stay within a specific range for optimal performance. As temperatures fluctuate, conventional oil can become too thick, or too thin. This effect on oil viscosity makes it difficult for your engine to run smoothly, and places extra strain on your battery and starter, which are already working overtime to get your car up and running.

This is why Super Lube offers our exclusive Winnipeg Winter Oil, designed specifically for Canadian winter.


Fast Flow at start up

Increased Resistance to thickening

3x Faster Lubrication than conventional oils

Preserves Battery power and life

Winnipeg Winter Oil - Start & Go Or We'll Pay the Tow

We are so convinced about the importance of using proper seasonal oil that if your vehicle doesn’t Start & Go after a Winnipeg Winter Oil change, we will pay the tow. Your next Winnipeg Winter Oil Change includes a free tow voucher, our gift to you!

Drop in anytime, there is no appointment necessary. Show THIS coupon to get a discount on your next Winnipeg Winter Oil change. We'll also test your battery, starter, and alternator for free!

In a winter like ours, you need tough, trustworthy friends who will roll up their sleeves and dig you out of a drift or boost a dead battery. You also need an oil that is as dependable as they are. A little oil change can go a long way.

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