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Which Windshield Wiper Blades are the Best?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Frog Wiper Blades guaranteed no skip, tear or streak for 6 months

Are your current windshield wipers worn out and buggin’ you? Not to worry, Super Lube let the Frogs out!

Stop by Super Lube today and get your Frogs on! Our brand-new, exclusive Frog Wiper Blades are the best blades in the business and are the only wipers with a 6-month guarantee!

No Skip, No Streak, No Tear, or you get a FREE PAIR.

Here are 4 Common Signs your Windshield Wipers are Worn Out and Need to be Replaced

windshield wipers need to be replaced when they skip, streak or squeak


If a specific area of your windshield is always dirty, or if you see a series of vertical lines, it’s a sign that the frame of your wiper may be bent or warped, causing it to “skip” across its path. The adhesive that binds the rubber to the blade may also have dissolved, resulting in poor contact with the glass.


Some streaking is typical, but a persistent film or a layer of grime after using wiper fluid indicates the rubber has thinned or worn out and fails to create a proper seal during operation.


That hair-raising “squeaking” or “chattering” sound when you flick your wipers on could indicate that plastic or metal from the frame is scraping directly across the glass. Not only does this sound terrible, but it can also result in significant scratches on your windshield. Your wiper blade may be striking the windshield at something other than a 90-degree angle, or the racket could result from stiffened rubber pads due to extensive use and exposure to the elements.


Tears often occur when your blade gets stuck to the windshield and then activated. Ice and snow can freeze your blades to the glass in winter; in warmer months, the blades can stick to the windshield due to sap, pollens, or dead bugs.

Drivers often try to avoid this phenomenon by flipping their wiper blades up and off the windshield overnight. We would advise against this practice. The body of your blade is not strong enough to endure the wind, rain, and other elements in an upright position, leaving you with warped, bent, and useless blades.

We recommend you inspect your wiper blades every six months, especially between seasons. Most likely, your blades will need to be replaced at least once a year, depending on the climate you drive in.

Right now at Super Lube, you can Buy 1 get 1 free on all our Frog Wiper Blades from now until May 13th.

buy 1 frog wiper blade and get 1 for free until may 13

And remember, we guarantee our Frogs will do the job in our tough climate, or you can come back and get a new set on us.



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