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Tire Care Tips

Updated: May 13, 2021


If you haven't rotated your tires in the last 6 months, you are burning rubber - and your wallet! Your front and rear tires perform different functions and are exposed to different stress levels. Due to our right-hand traffic and the greater distance traveled on right turns, your front left tire will wear down 2.5 times faster. Rotating tire position twice a year will ensure even wear and tear and extend the life of all 4 tires. At Super Tire Express we rotate your tires for free (*on most vehicles).


Don't “Let it Slide” when it comes to your tire maintenance. One of the most common causes of worn tires is low pressure. 70% of the vehicles on North American roads have at least 1 low tire. Under-inflated tires wear down faster and are less efficient, shortening their life span and costing you more at the pumps. “Get a Grip” and check your tire pressure monthly, especially in winter,

when the cold weather causes tires to lose about 1 PSI a month as the rubber stretches.

The other main cause of tire wear and tear is alignment issues. In a climate like ours, potholes are a Clear and Present Danger (Harrison Ford fans?) so be sure to have us check your alignment at least every 2-3 years. If your vehicle is pulling to one side or your steering wheel is off-center when you are driving straight, bring it in today!


As the weather begins to consistently reach above 7°C it's time to switchover to your summer set. Using your winter tires during spring and summer driving conditions reduces their lifespan by up to 60%, while simultaneously decreasing your vehicles mileage efficiency due to their softer rubber composition. Using your winter tires during warmer weather can also create dangerous driving scenarios:

  • Loss of Control - winter tires are more flexible than their summer counterparts, resulting in poor handling and less control on clear roads, specifically on sharp turns.

  • Blowouts - winter tires are less efficient in dissipating heat, leading to an increased risk of blowouts on hot highways.

  • Braking Distance - using winter tires on dry summer roads increases your braking distance by 10%. On wet summer pavement, the distance required to come to a complete stop can go up an additional 26%. Can you afford to risk those extra meters of stopping time?

Need to change your tires over from Winter to Summer? Take advantage of our Spring Car Care Service for only $29.95. It includes: Summer Tire Change Over, Check Cabin Air Filter, Check Cooling System, Check Wiper Blades, Lubricate Locks & Hinges, Brake & Front End Inspection, Install Nitrogen in all 4 Tires. *price for tires on rims


Where and how should you store your set of all-season or winter tires after we swap them out for you? Here are the 3 P's of tire storage everyone needs to know:

Position: Store tires vertically to minimize tire distortion.

Place: Store in a cool, dry place like your basement. Do not store tires outside or in a garage that isn't climate controlled. The extreme temperatures (hot, humid or cold) and UV rays will damage your tires.

Pressure: Check your tire pressure before storing them, this helps them retain their shape.

If this all sounds too complicated, here's a fourth “P”. Please let us store your tires for you!

Your tires deserve a holiday too! Let them stay at the Super Auto Centres Tire Chalet this summer, like true Canadian Snow Birds. Why wrestle them in and out of the garage when you can store them with us and we'll take care of the rest. Then just drop by when it's time to change over. Only $69.95 per season.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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