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Pink Caps For Cancer Fundraising Goal Exceeded

Thank you for helping us Put a Cap on Cancer!

If you have been caught in traffic or sitting at one of our hopelessly long Winnipeg red lights, by now you have likely noticed a car idling beside you with pink air caps on its tires. In fact, if you keep an eye out, you will realize there is neon pink all around you! That is because hundreds of the customers we have loyally served have demonstrated their loyalty to fellow Manitobans through incredible generosity. Each set of neon pink tire caps indicates a donation of five dollars or more made to CancerCare Manitoba as part of our Pink Caps for Cancer campaign in October.

Despite the unique hardships we all faced in 2020, Manitobans stepped up to help us exceed our fundraising goal of $15,000 dollars over the 31 days of October! Manitobans remarkably continued to give in the midst of uncertainty, to the Super Tune (pun intended) of $15,375 dollars, of which every cent goes directly to CancerCare Manitoba to support screening programs. Screening programs SAVE LIVES by catching cancers early when treatments are more effective, and can even result in prevention of the disease itself by addressing changes before they progress.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in Canadian women, affecting 21,000 Canadian women in the past year. Chances are it has already affected you or someone you love.

We think it is the responsibility of every Winnipeg business to help the community we serve. We are very proud to partner with the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.” Jim Brousseau, owner of Super Lube.

Behind each donation during an oil change or service appointment there is a story, either of compassion or personal experience. Your donation can change the outcome of someone else's story. Thank you for doing your part to Help Put a Cap on Breast Cancer in our province.

When you see pink tire caps, be sure to wave, smile or say thank you - and make sure to secure your set of four caps next fall. After all, every car could use a little neon pink.

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