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Love What You Drive in 2021

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

You CAN fix it if it ain’t broke!

Now with the dramatic rise in severe weather events, melting ice caps, and other environmental changes it’s becoming very real. Very fast. Yet it still sadly remains abstract and overwhelming to most of us.

Here’s the inconvenient truth. Our world 20 years from now will be dramatically different. We will most likely live on a planet where there are hundreds of millions of environmental and economic refuges. A mass migration of a magnitude never before seen, as humans relocate from coastal cities and desolate farms to higher safer ground.

I shudder as I write this.

So what can we do? In the simplest of terms, choose a place you can love and take care of it. The more we feel connected to a place the more inspired and invested we become in stewarding that place. Choose a car you love and take care of it. Over 75% of the drivers on the road today say they plan on driving their car for a very long time.

Car care is a choice. Choose a long life for your car.

If we can make your car care easy, just maybe we can help keep your car out of the landfill and on the road for another 10 years. Saving you money, and saving the environment. In the end, as Canadians we can’t continue to consume what we do not produce.

You CAN fix it before it’s broken - with regular maintenance. Love what you drive.

Jim Brousseau

CEO of Super Auto Centres

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