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Help us Put a Cap on Breast Cancer This October

Girl holding a sign that reads, help us put a cap on breast cancer with a $5 donation

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a crucial opportunity to take a step forward in the fight against breast cancer. The funds raised and the focus on prevention during these next four weeks will literally save lives in the coming year! Each of us needs to play a part in this life-saving effort.

So how can you get involved?

Super Lube invites you to Help us put a CAP on Breast Cancer this month.

pink tire caps to put on your car for October Breast Cancer awareness month

Right now, when you pull into any of Super Lube’s five locations and make a five-dollar donation to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, you’ll receive a set of four pink tire caps and a complimentary certificate for your winter tire installation at Super Tire Express. Larger donations will receive more pink driving accessories like a brand-new pink Super Toque ($10 donation) and our pink roadside Super Safety Kit ($25 donation). This way both you and your car can look good in pink as you raise awareness!

This October marks the 6th year we are running our Pink Caps For Cancer campaign. Since 2017 you have helped raise over $68,000 to fuel the fight against breast cancer. Incredibly, in each of the past five years, Manitobans have surpassed the previous October in giving. We can’t wait to see how generous you will be this year! 100% of the funds raised each year go directly to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to support screening programs.

“Cancer screening is for people who have no signs or symptoms of cancer. It can prevent some cancers by finding and treating changes before they develop into cancer and can help find cancers early when treatments may work better. CANCER SCREENING SAVES LIVES!” - CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Canadian women, projecting to affect 27,400 women in the coming year. But the good news is that because of the growing efforts to raise money and promote screening in Canada, the number of deaths from this diagnosis has dropped by nearly 50% since it peaked in 1986.

“At Super Lube Auto Centres our customers come to us for help in maintaining their cars. This puts us in a position to raise awareness and funds for important causes. We think it’s the responsibility of every Winnipeg business to help the community we serve. We are enormously proud to support CancerCare Manitoba Foundation with our Pink Caps for Breast Cancer campaign.” - Jim Brousseau, Founder & CEO

Thank you for helping us Put a CAP on Breast Cancer again this year. Drop by, donate and pick up a set of Pink Caps today for you mom, sister or even to celebrate your own survival!

Who are your Pink Caps for?

Pink Super Auto Centres logo for Breast Cancer Awareness month


With the seasons changing, October is also an important month to start “winterizing” your vehicle. Now is the time to swap out your summer tires, get your first winter oil change, have your battery tested and top up your fluids, especially that -35 proof wiper fluid.

Do what need to do for winter, while at the same time making a life changing donation towards a cause that affects all of us.


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