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No Country for Old Cars

Help us save the planet

This year over one million cars and light trucks will be discarded to our landfills because their owners neglected simple preventative maintenance. When our great, great, great grandchildren finally work out how to solve the selfish errors of our time we will be considered primitive.

Shouldn’t we bring simple common sense to everything we buy?

That new car you just purchased is going to last forever, either in a far off valley of rusting metal or on the road. Fortunately the engineers at Petro Canada have introduced the next generation of specialty motor oils, because choosing a motor oil depends on what you drive, rugged 4x4 or sensible compact, high performance or high milage.

At Super Lube we have the right motor oil for your car and now it will drive forever.

Ps: Join the thousands of Winnipeg drivers who are members of the higher milage club. Drivers just like you who have made the decision to save the planet and keep their vehicle out of landfills and on the road.

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