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6 Insider Tips

to increase your vehicle's value at trade-in-time. It all starts with Car Maintenance.

Increase your vehicle's value at trade-in-time

It’s clear that most of us will use our current vehicle as a down payment on a new one. With that in mind I would like to give you 6 Insider Tips that you can use to increase your vehicle’s value at trade-in-time.

1. Keep it clean. You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

2. Maintenance is key. Any minor repairs will be subtracted from the value of your ride. Maintenance dollars will always come back to you 3 fold at trade-in-time.

3. Pulling the dipstick and kicking the tires are a fundamental part of the inspection by the used car manager. Changing the oil and replacing worn tires will significantly increase the value.

4. Know before you go. Information as to the value of your car is easily available. Don’t be “Low Balled”

5. Bring all of your maintenance records with you. These are easily obtained from your service provider.

6. Have your vehicle safetied first. Now the used car manager can put it on the sale lot with little delay.

You loved this car and the two of you have shared great memories together. Now let’s hope they find another wonderful new home.

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